Optical Fiber

Fiber core sizes
• Single Fibers: 50um, 100um, 200um, 400um, 600um and 1000um,
Other core sizes (up to 1000nm) are possible
• Bifurcated Fibers: 100 μm, 200 μm and 400 μm.

Sheathing options
• PVC Monocoil (Standard)
• PVC with Kevlar reinforcement
• Flexible stainless steel interlock
• Polyimide
• Tefzel
• Acrylate
• Nylon

Connector options
• 10 mm ferrule
• FC(standard)
• Other custom connectors are available

1. Standard Fibers

(S or B)F(OOOO)-(XX)(YY)-(U or I)(oo)(-NS)

Fiber Type ( SF or BF) ​Single Fiber: SF
Bifurcated Fiber: BF
Core Size (OOOO) OOOO microns, ex)0600: 600 microns
Connector Type (XX)(YY) SMA0905: SM
Ferrule: FR
ex) SMFC: one SMA-905 end and one FC end
Wavelength range
(U or I)
​U: UV/VIS (250-1150 nm)
I: Vis/NIR (400-2250 nm)
Fiber length (oo) oo: oo/10 meter, ex) 20: 2.0 m, 15: 1.5 m​
Non-solarizing option (-NS) Non-solarizing for deep UV applications (190-1150nm)​
Example SF0100-SMFC-U20:
single fiber, 100 μm core size, SMA (905) to FC fiber connection type, UV/Vis range, 2.0 m length
bifurcated fiber, 200 μm core size, FC to FC fiber connection type, Vis/IR range, 1.0 m length

2. Special Fibers

Part Number Description
AF5000-50001111-DUV10S Liquid-guided, Round-Round, 0.43NA(1.2 F#), Ferrule, 1m, S type (220nm-600nm)
AF5000-50001111-UV-Vis10S Liquid-guided, Round-Round, 0.59NA(0.85 F#), Ferrule, 1m, V type (300nm-650nm)
AF5000-50001111-Vis10S Liquid-guided, Round-Round, 0.59NA(0.85 F#), Ferrule, 1m, V type (340nm-800nm)
AF5000-50001111-UV-Vis-NIR10S Liquid-guided, Round-Round, 0.52NA(0.96 F#), Ferrule, 1m, I type (420nm-2000nm)

Korea Spectral Products offers a complete line of silica core optical fibers and patch cord assemblies. Standard assemblies have the specifications listed in Specification. Please call if you don't see what you're looking for, have questions, or have a custom requirement!

Standard assemblies are sheathed in crush resistant black PVC covered flexible galvanized steel monocoil.