High Resolution Low Noise Spectrometer

• High resolution optical bench • Scientific-grade high performance with low cost • Low dark noise and stray light • Good dynamic range and high signal to noise ratio • High Ultra-violet Quantum efficiency • Flexible optical input direct to slit or via fiber • Designed from the ground up for a wide range of applications • High speed data acquisition • Standard design allows up to 200-1050 nm range

Detectors Hamamatsu S10420-1106-10 non TE Cooled backthinned CCD
▶ Number of Pixels : 2048 X 64
▶ Sensing Pixel Size : 14 μm X 14 μm
▶ Well depth : 200Ke-
▶ Quantum efficiency : >90% @650 nm, 65% @250 nm
Spectrograph # 3.3
Dark Noise RMS < 7 RMS counts @ 35 msec
Signal to Noise Ratio 450 : 1
Fiber Coupler SMA905 of FC standard
Wavelength Range Full Range : 200 ~ 1050 nm
UV Range : 200 ~ 450 nm
VIS Range : 380 ~ 760 nm
NIR Range : 550 ~ 1050 nm
Order Sorting Filter Longpass filter or linear variable filter
installed per wavelength coverage
Optical Resolution 0.1 ~ 7 nm FWHM
Stray Light Level < 0.01% @632 nm (< 0.5% AVG)
Computer Interface USB 1.1/2.0 compatible
Min. Exposure Time 7 msec
Trigger Mode Free Run S/W Trigger H/W Trigger
Operationg System Windows 7/10 (32/64 bit)
SDK Support Visual C++ / Visual Basic / LabVIEW
Dimensions / Weight 220 mm X 175 mm X 85.5 mm / 3.0 Kg

The Choice for Low Signal Level Applications

Spectral Products is offering the new SM642 non TE cooled back-thinned 2048pixel array CCD spectrometer. The SM642 provides high quantum efficiency in UV and high dynamic range. The detector used in the SM642-HRS has 2048 pixels and helps to get better resolution. It is ideal for UV/VIS/NIR spectrometry that requires high signal to noise ratio and/or high dynamic range. The back-thinned CCD has excellent sensitivity in UV and allows deep UV application, even below 200nm. Well designed housing allows up to 75nm measurement window within 200~1050nm for 0.2nm optical resolution with very low stray light. The backthinned detector to measure very low light signal by reducing the noise level in long integration time.

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