NIR Laser CCD Spectrometer

• Less expensive alternative to Germanium or InGaAs systems • Compact system, can be handheld or securely mounted • Flexible optical input direct to slit or via fiber • High performance electronics • Allows spectral measurements between 900nm and 1700nm • USB 2.0 interface with 16-bit dynamic range available • Support up to 8 multi-channel configuration

Detectors Sony ILX511 (IR Enhanced Coated)
▶ Number of Pixels : 2048
▶ Sensing Pixel Size : 14 μm X 200 μm
▶ Sensitivity : 30V/mJ/cm 2
Spectrograph # 3.5
Dark Noise RMS < 50 RMS counts
Signal to Noise Ratio 250 : 1
Fiber Coupler SMA905 of FC standard
Wavelength Range Full Range : 900 ~ 1700 nm
Order Sorting Filter Longpass filter or linear variable filter
installed per wavelength coverage
Optical Resolution 5 nm with standard slit configuration
Stray Light Level better than 10-3
Interface USB 1.1/2.0 compatible
PCI bus NI-PCI 16bit 250KHz
Min. Exposure Time 1 msec
Operationg System Windows 7/10 (32/64 bit)
SDK Support Visual C++ / Visual Basic / LabVIEW
Dimensions / Weight 131mm X 84mm X 48mm / 0.6Kg

The Choice for Spectral NIR Laser Applications

The SM241 is a compact CCD based Spectrometer designed for NIR laser applications. Spectral Products' IR up-conversion phosphor CCD coating breaks the standard Silicon-based CCD detectors array sensitivity barrier of 1100nm to allow spectral measurements up to 1700nm. This technology makes the SM241 a lower cost alternative to Germanium or InGaAs systems. The SM241 optical bench includes oversized gold plated mirrors and gratings to accommodate NIR light collection and analysis.

Maximum spectral coverage with this spectrometer is 900 nm to 1700 nm (reduced coverage window size within 900-1700nm will increase spectral resolution and light sensitivity). But although the SM241 can measure up to 1700nm, due to its low sensitivity, it is limited only to use in the applications measuring very narrow band-width and strong lights like lasers in this NIR range.

Standard interfaces include a USB 2.0 interface and a PCI card interface with a 16-bit extended dynamic range. Software support includes a SDK and DLLs for dedicated applications development and our SM32Pro windows based spectral acquisition and analysis software. Both standard and legacy interface designs provide support for advanced acquisition programming and external triggering.

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