Near-Infrared(NIR) Spectrometer

• User Selectable various NIR Range from 0.9-2.5μm • Low Dark Noise and High Stability • Best Performance for NIR Spectroscopy • Wide dynamic range and high signal to noise ratio • Optical Dark Option (Auto Shutter)

Model SM304-512 SM304-512-2.2 SM304-512-2.5 SM304-256-2.1 SM304-256-2.5
Detectors G9204-512 G9206-512 G9208-512 G9206-256 G9208-256
Pixel Number 25 X 500 μm 25 X 250 μm 50 X 500 μm
Spectrograph # 3.3
Dark Auto Shutter
Dark Noise RMS 6 @100 msec 16 @10 msec 6 @100 msec 8 @10 msec
Signal to Noise Ratio
> 15,000:1 @100 msec > 10,000:1 @100 msec > 7,500:1
@10 msec
Wavelength Range 900 ~ 1700 nm 900 ~ 2200 nm 900 ~ 2500 nm 900 ~ 2050 nm 900 ~ 2500 nm
Order Sorting Filter Longpass filter or linear variable filter installed per wavelength coverage
Optical Resolution > 3 nm > 4.5 nm > 5.5 nm > 7 nm > 9 nm
Stray Light Level < 0.01% @632 nm (< 0.05% AVG)
Computer Interface USB 1.1/2.0 compatible
Min. Exposure Time 1 msec
Trigger Mode Free Run S/W Trigger H/W Trigger
Operating System Windows 7/8.1/10 (32/64 bit)
SDK Support Visual C++ / Visual Basic / LabVIEW
Dimensions / Weight 173mm X 120mm X 75mm / 2.0Kg

The Choice for Low Signal Level NIR Applications

Korea Spectral Products is offering the new SM304 TE cooled InGaAs array spectrometers.

The SM304 series are ideal for NIR spectrometry that requires very high signal to noise ratio and/or high dynamic range. The high performance with low-noise level of the SM304 series makes it possible to use in very demanding applications.

The good sensitivity of the detectors used in the SM304 series allows various broad-band applications such as measuring optical properties of various samples in NIR range, analyzing chemicals/moisture detection, as well as narrow band applications such as NIR laser characterization.

Standard interface to the SM304 series is a USB 1.1/2.0 compatible interface with 16-bit. Software support includes a SDK and DLLs for dedicated applications development and our SM32Pro Windows-based spectral acquisition and analysis software.

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