1.5inch with built-in tungsten light source

• 1.5" Integrating Sphere combined with an 5W regulated Tungsten Halogen Light Source • Detector Port with SMA interface • 1/4" Full Size Port

  An integrating sphere is a hollow sphere coated internally with a matte finish, diffusing type material. The sphere is provided with ports or openings for an incoming beam of light, a sample specimen and a detector. Integrating spheres typically function as a light collection device. The collected light can then be used as a diffuse source or as a measurement device.

  Integrating spheres operate by allowing light to enter the sphere through a sample port, then through multiple reflection is scattered uniformly around the interior of the sphere by the diffuse internal sphere coating. The diffused light is then detected at a port configured with a detector device.

  Integrating sphere efficiency is determined mainly by the physical size of the sphere, the number of ports and most importantly the diffuse nature and reflectivity of the internal sphere coating. 

Sphere considerations:
  Selection of the appropriate integrating sphere for your application typically can be determined by the following important factors:

  • Internal Sphere Coating : The coating within the inside surface of the sphere must be a very efficient diffuse coating with high reflectance in order to deliver consistent integration and low absorption loss. Spectral Products uses a proprietary coating (ReflectraSpec) to provide high diffuse reflectance of light over a wide wavelength range. ReflectraSpec is effective from 400nm up to 2500nm. For 500nm to 20μm applications, diffuse AuSpec gold-coated spheres are available. For 180-400nm UV applications please contact Spectral Products regarding our new UVSpec coating.

  • Sphere Size: The inside diameter of the sphere must be a minimum of 1.5 times larger than any device mounted within the sphere such as light source, sample or detector.

  • Ports : No more than 5% of a sphere internal surface area should be used for ports in order to provide proper sphere integration. If the number of ports exceeds 5%, a larger sphere should be considered. Contact Spectral Products for help determining surface to port area.

  • Applications: Integrating spheres are used in many scientific research and industrial applications such as:

- Color Measurements

- Lamp Measurement Photometry

- Fluorescence Studies

- Reflectance of specular or scattering samples

- Laser &LED Measurements

- Uniform Light Source


Product Selection:

  Spectral Products offers a full line of standard integrating spheres.

Designed for color applications, this compact 1.5" integration sphere and light source can also be used as a low cost diffuse (uniform) light source for short distance applications. Standard unit includes SMA detector port connection and detector collection optic. 1/2" Full Size Port can be place aganist surface to be analyzed; small objects can also be inserted for analysis. Custom milled Spectralon interior provides excellent diffuse reflectance from 250nm to 2.5µm. Detector port can also be directly interfaced to Spectral Products' SM2xx series and SM4xx series spectrometers.
Please refer here for the detailed specification about the 5W tungsten-halogen light source.