30W High Stability Tungsten-Halogen Light Source

• Provides optimal illumination to monochromators • Offers excellent color temperature stability • adjustable constant current power supply • Contains focusable fused silica lens assembly • Uses AF Series for remote fiber optic illumination

Lamp 30W Tungsten-Halogen
Filament size 1 mm X 4 mm
Power 30 W
Light Output 800 lumens(nominal)
Current 2.75 amp(nominal)
Color Temperature 3100˚K
Average Life Time 400hrs, Average(nominal)
Spectral distribution near blackbody
Mount Tapered flange, adjustable,
Post mounting for standalone operation
Housing Air cooled with focusable fused silica doublet
collection lens, f/1.9 collection and f/3.9 output
Power Input 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz 1 amp(standard)
220 VAC, 50/60 Hz 0.5 amp(optional)
Power Output Type : constant current DC
Range : 2.0 amp to 3.5 amp
Regulation : 0.05%
Warrenty One years
Options Spare lamp ASB-W-030B
AF Series for remote fiber optic illumination

Optimum Illumination for Your Monochromator

The ASB-W-030 is a complete light source assembly with a tungsten-halogen lamp that emits in the 300 to 2600 nanometer (nm) wavelength region. It has been designed to transfer the maximum possible illumination from a tungsten-halogen lamp to Digikröm monochromators. The tungsten-halogen lamps of the ASB-W-030 are near blackbody sources of light with fused silica envelopes around the lamp filaments. Figure 1 shows blackbody spectral distributions at various color temperatures in Kelvin (K). The ASB-W-030 spectral distributions resemble those of Figure 1 out to about 2600nm, beyond which the transmission of the fused silica lamp envelope limits the output.

In addition to the 30 Watt tungsten-halogen lamp (SP type ASB-W-030B), the ASB-W-030 features a housing for the lamp and an adjustable constant current power supply. The housing contains a focusable fused silica lens assembly selected for optimum coupling to the monochromator. The focus adjustment also allows for flexible mounting configurations for the ASB-W-030, with output focusing adjustable over a wide range of focal lengths. This also makes the ASB-W-030 an excellent light source for illumination of samples.

The 30 Watt tungsten-halogen lamp used in the ASB-W-030 has a nominal color temperature of 3100 K and an average life of 400 hours at this temperature. The color temperature of the lamp is directly proportional to the lamp current which may be varied ± 25% with a control knob on the power supply. Over this range, both illumination and average life will change by approximately ± 50%.

The optics of the ASB-W-030, in combination with the 30 Watt lamp, provide maximum illumination for monochromators. Higher power lamps have larger filaments, but no greater brightness per unit area. A filament larger than the 30 Watt size would simply overfill the entrance slit.

The power supply provided with the ASB-W-030 is a DC current regulated power supply. Current regulation optimizes color temperature stability.