AST-XE series wavelength tunable light sources

• Variable narrowband light output selection from UV (200 nm) to Near IR (2.2µm) • Computer controlled via standard RS232 interface • Scans in both directions and in nanometers, Angstroms, microns, wave-numbers, or eV • May be configured for optimal fiber optic illumination • Modular design allows for reconfiguring • Attenuation control • Couples to Spectral Products equipment

Monochromator Model : CM110
f/# : 3.9 Grating :Two gratings can be installed(ref: CM Gratings)
Interface : RS232 standard
Light Source Model : ASB-XE-175EX, ASB-XE-175BF, ASB-XE-175BFEX
Power : 175 watts
Bulb Light Power : 800-4,700 lumens
Bulb Life : 1,000 hours typical, 500 hours minimum
Accessories & option Order Sorting Filter Holder : AB202 included
Order Sorting Filter : AB3XXX Series (sold separately)
Fiber Coupling Output : AFCM-L-XX, XX:SM-SMA, FC-FC, CS-Ferrule
(sold separately)

Simple, Flexible

Spectral Products has a tunable light source to meet your needs. Each model is based on our popular CM110 dual grating, 1/8-meter monochromator, paired with one of Spectral Products' 175W Xenon light sources. When purchased together as a tunable light source, you get pre-adjusted coupling and the best-matched grating(s) preloaded.

Depending on the requirements for better resolution/accuracy, other DK240 or DK480 monochromator can be coupled.