ASB-IR-12K/ASB-IR-18K IR Emitter

  • Supported, Coil-Wound
  • Rugged and Reliable
  • ASB-IR-12K operates at 975˚C when powered with 11 watts
  • ASB-IR-18K operates at 1200˚C when powered with 20 watts

    Optimum Illumination for IR range spectroscopy

 The coiled filament operates at approximately 975˚C when powered with 11 watts for the ASB-IR-12K and 1200˚C when powered with 20 watts for the ASB-IR-18K.
The radiating element of the ASB-IR-12K is a coil of resistance wire which has a high emissivity in the Infrared spectral region. The coil is supported on a grooved cylindrical substrate of alumina, resulting in the windings being electrically insulated from each other. This contributes to a more uniform radiating source. The unit does not require operation in a sealed atmosphere. The header is fabricated from cold-rolled steel. The support pins are hermetically sealed in glass.

The ASB-IR-18K is designed for those customers who require higher temperatures and greater output from their infrared source.

These emitters are manufactured using a patented silicon nitride material. The advanced ceramic technology ensures a very stable product. Their robust design ensures intrinsic physical and thermal strength. When operated at 12 volts/20 watts the ASB-IR-18K reaches 1200˚C. These silicon nitride emitters are mounted in a 1 inch parabolic reflector for extremely efficient collimation of energy.

This unit is our highest output IR product.

ir emitter.jpg


Part Number ASB-IR-12K ASB-IR-18K
Voltage 6.0 V (AC or DC) 12.0 V (AC or DC)
Temperature 975˚C 1200˚C
Current 1.8 A 1.7 A
Power 11.0 W 20.0 W
Emissivity 0.80 0.75
Active area 3.5mm X 3.5mm              1.52mm dia., 4.06mm length