High Performance TE-Cooled Backthinned Ethernet Communication Spectrometer

• Scientific-grade High Performance • Extremely Low Dark Noise and Stray Light for Spectrophotometer and Spectroradiometer • High Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) • High Ultra-Violet Quantum Efficiency • High Speed Data Acquisition • Optical Dark Option (Auto Shutter) • Communication over long distance • OnBoard averaging - average up to 65,535 spectra • OnBoard Memory(Volatile) 50,000 spectra • Interface - Ethernet, USB, RS232(Custom) • Digital Gain/Offset 1024 step

Detectors Hamamatsu S7031-1006S(TE-Cooled Backthinned FFT CCD)
▶ Cooling : One Stage TE(Thermo-electric) Cooling(-10℃)
▶ Number of Pixels : 1044 X 64 (Total) / 1024 X 58 (Effective)
▶ Sensing Pixel Size : 24 μm X 24 μm
▶ Active Area : 24.576 mm X 1.392 mm
▶ Full Well Capacity : 320 ke- (vertical) / 1000 ke- (horizontal)
▶ Quantum Efficiency : >90% @650 nm
Dark Noise RMS TYP > 2 @Min. Integration Time
Signal to Noise Ratio(SNR) 1000 : 1
Wavelength Range Full Range : 200 ~ 1050 nm
Other user customized range is possible
Filter Second Order Blocking Filter Installed
Onboard Memory(Volatile) 50,000 spectra
Onboard Averaging Up to 65,535 spectra
Optical Resolution 0.3 - 7 nm
depends on spectral range, slit width and fiber core diameter
Stray Light < 0.05% AVG
Computer Interface Ethernet, USB, RS232(Custom)
Digital Gain / Offset Gain : StepValue(0~1023) x 0.0487683 + 0.11
Offset : 64 count
Minimum Integration Time 2 msec
Data Transfer Speed Up to 250 spectra Per Second Via Ethernet and USB2.0
Trigger Mode Free Run, S/W Trigger, External Trigger(20-pin connector) : TTL Edge trigger input
Power Input DC 5V, 5A Max
Operationg System Windows 7/10 (32/64 bit)
SDK Support Visual C++ DLL/ LabVIEW VI SDK
Dimensions / Weight 173 mm X 120 mm X 86 mm / 2.0 Kg
Fiber Optic Connector SMA905 N.A.=0.22 Optical Fiber Input

The Choice for Low Signal Level Applications

Korea Spectral Products is offering the new SM303N TE cooled backthinned 1024 pixel array CCD spectrometer.

The SM303N provides high quantum efficiency in UV and high dynamic range. It is ideal for UV/VIS/NIR spectrometry that requires very high signal to noise ratio and/or high dynamic range, like photoluminescence, Raman spectroscopy, measurement of photometric and radiometric values of light sources(LED, OLED, solar cell etc) applications.

The back-thinned CCD has excellent sensitivity in UV and allows deep UV application. Well designed housing allows up to a 850nm measurement window from 200nm to 1050nm (smaller measurement window sizes increase spectral resolution and light sensitivity) with very low stray light. The TE cooled detector also help to measure very low light signals by reducing the noise level in long integration times. Thanks to high dynamic range and low noise level, the SM303N is also ideal for radiometric measurement applications.

The SM303N stores 50,000 spectra with onboard memory. Spectrometer data acquisition is possible without data loss due to readout time. This function is expected to be utilized in various applications when time synchronization is important..

Software support includes SDKs and DLLs for developing dedicated applications and Windows OS-based spectrum acquisition and analysis software (SMProMX).

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